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Black Oxide Plating

Black Oxide is a black uniform finish used as an alternative to painting. MFG Washington, LLC can plate your parts with this coating to protect them from corrosion.


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Below is a list of our frequently asked questions about our Black Oxide service.

Black oxide plating is a chemical process that converts the surface of the metal into a black oxide finish, which provides a decorative and protective coating.

We currently only plate steel and stainless steel.

The typical turnaround time is 1-3 days.

Black oxide plating provides a durable and corrosion-resistant finish that can improve the appearance of metal parts. It also provides increased lubricity and wear resistance and can be used to create a non-reflective surface.

Black oxide plating is applied through a chemical immersion process. The metal is cleaned, degreased, and then dipped into a heated solution containing a chemical mixture that reacts with the metal to create a black oxide finish.

The chemicals used in black oxide plating can be hazardous to the environment if not correctly disposed of. However, many modern black oxide processes use less toxic chemicals and have more efficient waste treatment processes to minimize environmental impact.

The lifespan of black oxide plating depends on the conditions under which it is used. Under normal conditions, it can last for several years. However, exposure to harsh chemicals, abrasion, or high temperatures can shorten its lifespan.

You can remove black oxide plating through mechanical means, such as sandblasting or chemical stripping. However, this can damage the underlying metal surface.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, firearms, and electronics use black oxide plating to create decorative finishes and prevent corrosion. Architectural applications use it for decorative purposes.

FAQ about Black Oxide Plating
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